How to change the input data through transformer

After you uploaded a dataset to Data Studio successfully, your dataset would be displayed as a row  in the dataset table.

→ Data Studio → View Dataset

You need to Click “...” of your target dataset, then it pops up a small window with several options, one of which is “Transform”

You can click it to Transform page

In Transform page, there are mainly 5 zones:

  1. Zone 1 shows raw fields of the former dataset with example records behind
  2. In zone 2, you can transform the dataset schema by coding
  3. In zone 3, you can name the transformed dataset and add description on it like transformed from xxx
  4. If you want to see how the transformation code works, you can click “Test Run”. Then, our data studio would select part of the data records to transform as code defined.

After testing, there’s a window pops up in the center of the page showing the test result, which includes succeeded records, failed records and statistics on successful rate

  1. After you complete coding with or without testing, you can click “Submit” to transform the dataset and generate a new dataset.


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