How to turn on/off menu items by feature toggles

In super-admin, feature togglers are used to control specific features on and off for each client. To maintain, login to the admin client on the selected cluster, go to super admin. Internal Management -> Feature Toggler.

  1. Choose the feature toggle controlling the feature you would like to change. For example GIN. First make sure you set the toggle “Enable” or “Disable”. Then Click on the line, at the lower part of the screen, the client configuration UI will appear.

  1. In the list on the left side, there are clients disabled for this toggle. In the list on the right side, there are clients enabled for this toggle. Move clients to the left or right using either the “ADD” button or the “REMOVE” button. Once you are done, click on the “CONFIRM” button to save the change. Click CONFIRM again.



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