How to Assign a Detection into a Review Queue

What we are going to describe here is how to set an action in a rule to send the flagged results to a review queue.

In order to do this, you’ll need to have an action in your action list already created that can send flagged results to a given queue. If you don’t have that yet, please contact your Technical Account Manager.

  1. Go to Rules Engine > Create Rules

Note: You don’t have to create a new rule to send flagged results to a review queue, you can also edit an existing rule.

  1. Set the rule logic you want.
  1. Set the Action you want to REVIEW QUEUE and then set the Queues information to the queue you want it to go to. In the example below, we are sending the results to a fictional queue called Good Man queue.

  1. Finally, name the rule, give it any scoring you want and select CREATE RULE
  2. When complete, all flagged results from this rule will go to the Good Man queue for review.
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