How to Create a New Client (aka Tenant)

  1. Select your environment (QA, Dev, Pre-Production, Staging, etc.)
  2. Select Admin as the tenant.

Note: If you don’t have admin rights, you’ll need to request access first and get approved before you can move on.

  1. Select Internal Management > Client Management

  1. Select Create Client in the upper right corner
  2. You will then come to a page that looks like this

  1. Fill in your desired Client Name
  2. You can select your detection mode, fill in your Administrator information, email and password if you like
  3. Select your Products and Add-Ons (if applicable)
  4. When complete, select CREATE CLIENT at the bottom of the page

You will now have your tenant or client created, however you may need to do the following steps to make it functional for your needs.


  1. Go back to the Admin home page and select again, Internal Management > Client Management
  2. Find the client you just created. You can run a search in the search field if you want.
  3. You’ll see three dots at the very right or your client, select those and then select Edit.

  1. At the bottom of the page, you’ll now see three buttons title, BROADCAST FEATURE DEFINITIONS, BROADCAST OPERATORS, BROADCAST PACKAGES.

  1. First, select BROADCAST OPERATORS
  2. A page will show up that looks like this

  1. Select all the Features you want to broadcast. It could be all of them or a subset.
  2. Select the Broadcast button at the top of the page, then select your newly created Client and then select BROADCAST.
  3. Now you will repeat steps 5-8 for BROADCAST FEATURE DEFINITIONS
  4. Finally, you will repeat steps 5-8 for BROADCAST PACKAGES

At this point your client/tenant is now created and you should have all the necessary features, packages and operators to begin your work.


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  • To add: If you broadcast feature packages, all templates and operators will be broadcasted. This is the one-step shot. 


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