How to add external URL links on the Case Management user summary page

1.Via configuration, you can add external URL links on the case management summary page user tab (Only on the user tab, not on the event tab). Each URL link is displayed as a column. Here is an example:

2.To configure, go to the admin client on the cluster to use the super admin function: Internal Management -> dOps Configuration

3.Select the client you are setting up for, click on the “External Link/API” tab, and click on the “ADD A LINK/API” button.

4.Give a name for the external URL link.

5.Choose the API method. GET is the current available one.

6.Type in the base URL. For example:

7.Click on the “+” to add query parameters. Please follow the field names on the external URL. For example, the field name for the google search bar is “q”. You can view the URL constructed on the line of “URL preview”.

8.For each parameter, you can choose to use a constant value or a feature.

9.Once you are done, click on the SAVE button to save the URL link setup. You will see the configured link shown on the UI.

10.Once you are ready, publish the external URL link by clicking on the “PUBLISH” button. Only if you publish the link, it can be shown on the case manage page.

11.To edit a published URL link, “RECALL” it first. You can publish it again once you are done with the change.





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