How to turn on the health check dashboard on UI and configure which panels will be displayed

How to turn on the health check dashboard on UI and configure which panels will be displayed?

  1. Login to the Grafana ( Sign in with Google.
  2. Go to the dashboard - “ SLA-Health Check UI External”

  1. All panels here are candidates to be put on the health check menu on the client UI. And only panels on this dashboard are the candidates, meaning if you would like to make a particular Grafana metrics panel on the health check UI, you need to put this panel on this given dashboard.
  2. To Configure which panels are shown on the health check UI, log into the admin client on  the specific environment. Then go to Internal Management ->Grafana Metrics Configuration.

  1. All panel candidates are shown here. Each panel can be configured to be shown(checked) or not for each product (Enterprise Lite, Enterprise ML, Enterprise Pro, dVector Standalone, UA). Thus the configuration is at the product level. Click on SAVE when you are done configuring.

  1. To activate the health check menu, go to Internal Management -> Feature Toggler. Search for the toggler “health-check”, enable it. And you can select specific clients to enable or you can enable all clients.

User ADD to add clients and use REMOVE to talk out clients. And click on CONFIRM to save the change.

  1. Configuration is done. Now when you log in to the specific client that you have enabled the health check UI, you will see the menu item under system monitoring. Click on it, you will see all the panels you have chosen.

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