Chapter 4 - Calculate Features


To Calculate Features, you can click the blue CALCULATE button under the Calculate Features section of the Feature Platform Dashboard.

You will be directed to the Compute Features page, where you will be guided to select your Datasource, Select Features, and run for the Output of the calculated feature.



You may choose one of the two options  selecting  a DATASET or a data folder in S3. As shown below, we first selected a database and then selected a single file within the database. Just like when you are testing features, only a single file may be chosen. For REPLAY MODE, DataVisor typically recommends running in “local” mode; however, for large files (i.e. over 10,000 entries), you may choose to run in “distribute_internal” or “distribute_external” mode. Click NEXT to proceed to the Select Features tab.



Select the checkbox for the corresponding feature (or features) you want to calculate. In the example below, we selected “EMAIL_PREFIX_EXAMPLE” that we created earlier. Enter Task Name to add a description for your task (e.g. which features you are calculating or what dataset you are using). Click RUN to calculate the feature(s) for the datasource you have chosen.



Once the system has finished the calculation, the screen will let you know that the result file is ready to be downloaded. Click on the link provided to download. 





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