Chpater 10. Access Management

10.1 System Role Management

Access management mainly manages access to the system platform, such as role management and account management. As shown in the figure below, the platform currently displays three roles: administrator, analyst, and guest. The access permissions for the different roles can each be configured separately. Examples of access permissions include edit, read-only, or restricted access.

You can also create a new role name and configure its access permissions. As shown in the figure below, the newly created role name is in the current access management page, and you can configure its permissions.



10.2 System Account Management

Under the access management of the account, you can add or delete the account and assign the corresponding role. As shown in the figure below, you can create a new account simply by inputting the username, email address, and assigned role.



Click the vertical ellipsis (“...”) icon in the upper right corner of the box for more management operations, such as editing the role, deleting the role, or resetting the password.



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