Chapter 5. Operations on the Node

5.1 Nodes Automatically Displayed on the KG

When we investigate a graph, what are the user nodes that would be automatically displayed on the KG?

For a user graph, we have a primary node (the node with the halo) as input. KG would automatically expand the bind/transaction relationship attributes. For example, if SSN and Phone are the two bind relationship attributes, KG will find all the other users sharing the same SSN and Phones with the user and plot these related users on the graph.

For a cluster graph, KG will randomly sample 10 users (10 is configurable) and plot these 10 users on the graph.

图形用户界面, 应用程序


With these initial nodes loaded, users can also explore more nodes by further expanding or collapsing the nodes.

5.2 Exploring Through Expanding and Collapsing Nodes

The graph can be expanded by expanding the user node. Left-click the upper right border of the user node to expand its associated nodes as shown in the figure below. "+3" means that the user node is directly associated with 3 lines, and left-click to expand them directly.


The result of the expansion is shown in the figure below, in which the associated inbox, address, and phone number of the selected node are displayed, and 5 user nodes are expanded.


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